The Asia Pacific Screen Awards recognise and promote the cinematic excellence and cultural diversity of the vast Asia Pacific region.

APSA’s principal activity is hosting an annual Awards ceremony each November. Established in 2007, the APSAs are the region’s highest accolade in film.

The Asia Pacific Screen Academy was established in 2008 and brings together 500 of the region’s most respected names in film. This influential alumni of filmmakers grows by around 100 each year with the induction of APSA nominees, international jury and nominations council members.

APSA Productions presents a range of programs for television and online viewing, including the broadcast version of the annual Awards ceremony, documentaries and interviews with some of the world’s most accomplished filmmakers.

Each year, $140,000 in development funding is provided to the region’s filmmakers through APSA. The MPA APSA Academy Film Fund was established in 2010 to stimulate collaboration between filmmakers across the region. The APSA Children’s Film Fund was created in 2011 in a partnership between APSA and 4 Boys Films to support new children’s feature films that carry positive messages for and about children of Asia Pacific.

APSA is endorsed by UNESCO, with which it shares a common goal – to foster cultural diversity and promote mutual understanding, dialogue and peace. APSA also enjoys the endorsement of FIAPF-International Federation of Film Producers Associations, which regulates the world’s most important film festivals and events.

APSA has forged an international alliance with the European Film Academy, which presents the prestigious annual European Film Awards.

Covering one-third of the Earth, the 70 countries of Asia Pacific stretch from Egypt in the west to the Cook Islands in the east, from Russia in the north to New Zealand in the south. They are home to 4.5 billion people and produce half the world’s film.

APSA is headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland and is an initiative of the Brisbane City Council.