FIAPF-International Federation of Film Producers Associations is the international organisation representing film producers across the world.

With 37 producer organisations, across 30 countries on five continents, it is the peak body representing film producers across the world. FIAPF is an advocate for producers and helps formulate policies and coordinate political action in many key areas of the industry.

FIAPF endorses the Asia Pacific Screen Awards Charter Rules and Regulations and enlists the support of FIAPF member organisations and festivals to submit films to represent their country or area. Each year, at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards Ceremony, FIAPF honours a filmmaker from the region with the FIAPF Award for outstanding achievement in film.

Message from Luis Alberto Scalella, President of FIAPF

I remember APSA Founding Chairman Des Power’s conviction and passion the first time we met. It was almost a decade ago. That day, he came to present the project of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards to the film producers’ community worldwide, represented by FIAPF. Since then, the Asia Pacific Screen Awards has proven to be a powerful instrument for building awareness, in all corners of the globe, that the Asia Pacific produces astonishing cinema, characterised by its creativity and diversity.


Des’ vision became a reality, and in a few short years APSA will be proudly celebrating its 10th anniversary.

FIAPF has been a proud partner of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards since its inception. By serving as submitting organisations to APSA, FIAPF’s national member organisations contribute to the event by broadening the field of films presented for consideration, and in doing so, support the promotion and circulation of their countries’ production out of their national borders.

Taking creative and financial risks has always been one of the core missions of the film producer. Australian producer Emile Sherman impressively demonstrates these characteristic. Having been strongly involved in several international productions met by great critical acclaim and global audiences (The King’s Speech, Shame), Sherman is also deeply committed to producing films and television series with a strong connection to Pacific culture, including the recently acclaimed Top of the Lake. We are proud to celebrate Emile Sherman – and through film the entire Australian film community – at 2014 APSA Ceremony where the FIAPF Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film in the Asia Pacific region will be presented to him.

On behalf of FIAPF members, I would like to congratulate this year’s nominees and convey our warmest thanks to APSA Executive Chairman Michael Hawkins, Film Director Maxine Williamson and the entire APSA team, and of course the International Juries and the Lord Mayor and City of Brisbane for believing in films with us. As the international organisation representing film producers across the globe, FIAPF is committed to its partnership with APSA and its important work in honouring the artistry of filmmakers of the Asia Pacific.