The Youth Animation Documentary Jury is made up of industry experts from the Asia Pacific region. They are led by the Chair of the Jury and determine the winners across the Best Youth Feature Film, Best Animated Feature Film and Best Documentary Feature Film categories for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

Jury members include directors, producers, journalists, and festival curators, and have won prestigious awards across the international film festival circuit including the Golden Bear at Berlin and the FIPRESCI Prize.

Films nominated in these categories have included titles that have gone on to achieve great success and acclaim on the world stage. Covering a range of issues and utilising various styles and filming techniques, these films are often among the most debated and discussed of the APSA nominees.

“I really appreciate the APSA Academy because in the start without their support we couldn’t start shooting the film, so I am very proud of that and I appreciate that. And today I have the film because of APSA.”

2013 APSA Best Documentary Feature Film nominee Maryam Ebrahimi (Islamic Republic of Iran)
Maryam Ebrahimi received a MPA APSA Academy Film Fund grant and her film No Burqas Behind Bars which went on to win the International Emmy ® Award for Best Documentary.