2009 Brisbane Int. Film Festival – Day 10

Over the last week, our jury has been fortunate to see some wonderful, difficult, and rewarding films, and while the nature of this kind of competition means that sometimes it can be very easy to find a clear winner; other times, more than one entry will share the qualities of a great film, an important […]

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2009 Brisbane Int. Film Festival – Day 9

In the final two days of the festival, I managed to cram in something entirely trivial—“Dead Snow”—and some discussions about extremely serious filmmaking from and about the South-east Asian region. But first, dinner at Jimmy’s on the Mall on Saturday night, and some very interesting conversation; from Jeffrey Roth speaking with my sister and me […]

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2009 Brisbane Int. Film Festival – Day 8

The last couple of days have been absolutely hectic, but I’ve managed to catch a couple of excellent films, interview a director or two, and this morning make a decision with my fellow jurors about the  film that will win the Brisbane International Film Festival FIPRESCI Award; but more about that tomorrow, perhaps. Thursday night […]

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2009 Brisbane Int. Film Festival – Day 7

Breakfast with interesting people this morning; in this case, my fellow jurors. But we were soon joined by the charming Father Joseph Pulinthanath, or simply “Joseph”, as he insisted being called. Over coffee and croissants, we talked about his training as a Salesian priest in a hill station near the India-Bangladesh border; his first film […]

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2009 Brisbane Int. Film Festival – Day 6

Jury! Jury! Jury! Yeah, sorry about that—I’ve always loved Cary Grant, and I’m also loving the whole FIPRESCI Jury process. The thing is that I’m seeing all these wonderful films, and I can’t actually discuss any of them until Sunday evening after the award has been presented. Still, I’ve had a chance to see a […]

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2009 Brisbane Int. Film Festival – Day 5

Monday saw more jury screenings, but I was able to cram some extra-jury stuff in there as well (along with some teaching commitments). But the best thing about today was an extended [read: “totally impromptu”] breakfast meeting I organised on behalf of my colleague Ken’ichi Okubo, who has a particular interest in experimental film. So […]

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2009 Brisbane Int. Film Festival – Day 4

Mostly jury duties today—I had hoped to catch up with Father Joseph Pulinthanath and talk about his documentary, “Roots”, which examines the human impact of the Dumbur Dam in southern India’s Kerala region, and while Joseph and I were able to have a quick chat while our various juries convened for the first time—Joseph is […]

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2009 Brisbane Int. Film Festival – Day 3

Just a quick check-in today, because Saturday didn’t offer much festival news—I have a life outside the festival, you know… But my news today is still relevant to those interested in Australian and Asia Pacific cinema. I slipped away from other commitments to see Australian actor-turned-director, Rachel Ward’s adaptation of Newton Thornburg’s novel “Beautiful Kate”, […]

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2009 Brisbane Int. Film Festival – Day 2

One of my guilty BIFF pleasures is the up-late programme Shock Corridor coordinated by the long-haired, and awesomely tattooed long-time film-lover Daniel Haig, whose very eclectic film tastes brings us  some amazing transgressive cinema. This year, there’s also some excellent Australian fare on offer, and I caught some late last night—but more of that later. […]

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2009 Brisbane Int. Film Festival – Day 1

Well, I guess this little series of posts over the next week and a bit will offer a bit of a slice of BIFF-life, and even though I’m unable to discuss a few films that are in competition for the FIPRESCI award that I am judging with Tina Kaufman and Kenicho Okubo, I’ve still managed […]

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APSA Blogs – Tim Milfull

Tim MILFULL is a film critic based in Brisbane, Australia, and his work has appeared in print, online, on radio and television. He teaches film theory and creative writing in the Creative Industries Faculty of the Queensland University of Technology, and is currently completing his PhD in creative writing. Tim recently finished a long-term stint […]

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