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Nomination Category:

Best Youth Feature Film

Ceremony Year:



Islamic Republic of Iran


Naser Dehghani Poudeh


Mohammad Ali Talebi

Sahand’s family leaves fertile northern Iran and moves to the hot, arid south. But when war breaks out, an Iraqi bombing raid kills Sahand’s mother and destroys the family home.

Sahand’s father decides that they must return to the north, where he hopes the quiet beauty will help heal their trauma. But almost immediately, Sahand’s father must return to work in the oil fields of the south. Sister, Shooka, takes on the role of looking after Sahand. One day they accompany their grandfather on a fishing trip to a nearby lake. Not far away they notice a white goose that has been shot. Sahand remembers the white dress his mother wore when she embraced him. Sahand knows he must save the white goose.

Wind and Fog Trailer