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Best Performance by an Actor

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People’s Republic of China (Mainland China / Hong Kong)


Chen Daoming

From his acting career spanning three decades, international audiences will be most familiar with Chen Daoming for his roles as the tough undercover police detective in Infernal Affairs III and as the iron-fisted King of Qin in Zhang Yimou’s Hero.

In China, Chen is best known for his dramatic television appearances including his breakthrough role in 1984’s The Last Emperor and CCTV’s Fortress Besieged, a series that grabbed the attention of the whole country in 1990 and established his position as one of China’s most popular stars.

In 2000, he secured best actor wins at the Huabiao Awards and Golden Rooster Awards for his role in Huang Jianzhong’s historical drama My 1919 about the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. He recently demonstrated his comedic talent as Master Hua in Kevin Chu’s action caper Treasure Hunter.

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