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Nomination Category:

Best Feature Film

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Republic of Korea


Lee Im-kul


Kim Dae-hwan


Park Jin-Soo


Kim Bo-lam

End of Winter

In the middle of winter, Sung-geun, a retiring school professor’s family travel to be with him for his retirement ceremony. After the ceremony, Sung-geun makes the surprise announcement to his wife and children that he is intending to divorce his wife. To make matters worse, a snow blizzard hits and transport grinds to a halt, leaving the fraught family stranded at Sung-geun’s house. As the blizzard continues outside they have no choice but to spend three days together. The group must come to terms with the divorce and deal with their strained and disconnected relationships with one another. Keenly observed, End of Winter is a sophisticated and restrained exploration of a family unraveling at the seams.