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Best Documentary Feature Film

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Syrian Arab Republic, France


Serge Lalou, Camille Laemlé, Orwa Nyrabia, and Diana El Jeiroudi


Ossama Mohammed, Wiam Simav Bedirxan

Never before has a civil war been so captured on film, from so many perspectives, by civilians using whatever device they have available. When a young Syrian woman in Homs, school teacher and filmmaker Wiam Simav Bedirxan, combine forces with filmmaker Ossama Mohammed, exiled in Paris, the result is a self-portrait of a nation at war with itself.

Filmed by over 1000 Syrians and narrated by Mohammed, Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait documents the destruction and atrocities of the civil war through a chorus of eyewitness accounts shot on mobile phones and posted to the internet.