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Best Documentary Feature Film

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Maryam Ebrahimi


Nima Sarvestani

Sabere, now sixteen, was only seven years old when her father died in war.

Her uncle then inherited her. He sold her, when she was ten, to a 50-year-old man who made her pregnant four times, but each time she experienced a miscarriage.

She fled from him and now lives in a safe house in Mazar-e sharif.  Sabere’s mother was also inherited by her cousin. They have a daughter Farzaneh, now eleven. Her  father is selling her because of poverty. He is going to wait until she is fifteen, but the buyer’s family want to take her immediately. They are afraid that Farzaneh’s father may run away with her.This family’s weekdays are filled with problems. Their hope is tied to CCA (The Co-operation Centre for Afghanistan). They have to find Sabere’s husband and compel him to divorce her, but he lives in an area controlled by the Taliban. Sabere’s buyer is sought by the police and her family helps the police to find and arrest him. But they fail to have Sabere divorced.

As Hamid, the chairman of the safe house puts it, in Afghan culture it is possible for the father to sell his daughter. A daughter costs nine cows or fifty sheep. In the last part of the documentary we learn that Farzane has been sold for fifty sheep and some dry-farming land.

I Was Worth 50 Sheep Trailer