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Jury Grand Prize

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Isreal / France / Germany


Samual Maoz

The First Lebanon War, June, 1982. A lone tank and a paratroopers platoon are dispatched to search a hostile town that has already been bombarded by the Israel Air Force.
It’s a quick and easy job, maybe three hours at most. But matters start to get complicated.

This apparently simple mission gets out of control and turns into a death trap, a shivering nightmare. The film’s heroes are the tank crew: Shmuelik the gunner, Assi the commander, Herzl the loader and Yigal the driver – four boys aged 20 who are operating a killing machine. They are not fighters, eager for battle or self-sacrifice. Motivated by fear and the basic instinct of survival, they find themselves in a situation they cannot contain, coping with impossible conflicts and desperately trying not to lose their way amid the chaos of war. Lebanon is a personal film, a film about four boys who had never been involved in anything violent before and found themselves killing people, A film about survival against a palpable threat of death, a situation in which the conflict between their basic instincts and human conscious claims its victims.


Winning Moments – Levanon (Lebanon)

2010 APSA Winner – Lebanon – Trailer