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Nomination Category:

Best Performance by an Actor

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People's Republic of China, Hong Kong (PRC)


Liao Fan


Dong Jinsong

Black Coal, Thin Ice

Liao Fan is a prolific and versatile actor who has appeared in both mainstream and independent films. His long list of credits includes: Chicken Poets (2002), Curiosity Kills the Cat (2006), Feng Xiaogang’s Assembly (2007) and If You Are the One II (2010), Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly (2011), Stanley Kwan’s Showtime (2011), Huang Jianxin’s Beginning of the Great Revival (2011) and Gimme Kudos (2005), Love on Credit (2011), Love is not Blind (2011) and Jackie Chan’s Chinese Zodiac (2012).

He won the Best Actor prize at the Singapore Film Festival for his performance in Green Hat (2004), and was nominated for a Golden Horse Award for his performance in Ocean Flame (2008).