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Best Feature Film

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Lee Lieh and Doze Niu Chen-zer


Doze Niu Chen-zer

A tribute to youth, brotherhood and Old Town Taipei, Monga is a genre-bending gangster film, nostalgic for ‘the good old days’ of Taiwan in the colourful and carefree 1980’s, as it headed towards the peak of economic prosperity.

Sick of being bullied, five teenagers join The ‘Prince Gang’, ready to take over the streets and live the gangster lifestyle. Geta, the boss, teaches them the gangster rules of prosperous Old Town Monga, where all the powers in this historic trading place have held their status quo for nearly a century.

Conflicts among gangs start to emerge but what Geta and the old gangs don’t see coming is that the powerful new Mainlander gangs, who immigrated after WWII, are prepared with new weapons – firearms. One night, the sound of the first gunshot in Taiwan echoes out throughout Monga, a new order is coming and Monga will never be the same…

2010 APSA Nominee – Monga – Trailer