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Best Performance by an Actress

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Islamic Republic of Iran/Germany


Shayesteh Irani

Rana and Adineh, two women of opposite background and social class are accidentally brought together to share a journey.

Rana, inexperienced, religious and bound by traditions, is forced to drive a cab in order to survive financially. Adineh, wealthy yet rebellious, has escaped from her home. In the middle of the way, Rana realizes that her passenger is a transsexual who is planning on having an operation. For Rana, comprehending and accepting such reality is close to impossible…

About Shayesteh Irani

Shayesteh Irani was born in Tehran in 1979. She graduated from Azad University of Tehran majoring in Acting.

Shayesteh started her career in 1998 by acting on the stage before working in Cinema. Her first major film role was in Jafar Panahi’s Offside. For that film she (among the other actresses of the film),won the award of the best female actress at Gijon Film Festival, Spain in 2006.

Facing Mirrors by Negar Azarbayjani is her third feature film. For this film she has been nominated for the best actress award by Fajr Film festival (Tehran), The Iranian Cinematic critics (Tehran) and now the Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

Facing Mirrors Trailer