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Best Screenplay

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People’s Republic of China (Mainland China / Hong Kong)


Su Xiaowei

Born in 1960, screenwriter Su Xiaowei is best known for the scripts that she has written for films directed by her husband, acclaimed filmmaker Huo Jianqi.

Her breakthrough was Postmen in the Mountains (1998), a runaway success at the Japanese box office. She has written in a broad range of genres and was instrumental in creating the short-lived noir genre in Chinese cinema ten years ago that included Huang Jianxin’s Tell Me Your Secret (1999) and Huo Jianqi’s A Love of Blueness (2000).

In 2009, she co-wrote the script for Snowfall in Taipei, which is the first film by a Chinese director to be shot in Taiwan and it competed at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

2010 APSA Nominee – Aftershock – Trailer