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Best Animated Feature Film

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Republic of Korea


Lee Sang-wook


Ahn Jae-hun, Han Hye-jin


Ahn Jae-hun

The Road Called Life is based on three famous Korean short stories.

“When the Buckwheat Flowers Bloom” is about an ageing market vendor, Heo who meets a young itinerant vendor, Dong-I, who he realises he shares a special bond with.

“Spring Spring” tells the story of a man who works as a servant in the fields for a landowner who has promised him his daughter’s hand in marriage. The landowner, however, keeps postponing the wedding…

“A Lucky Day” is about a rickshaw driver Kim, who goes out to work having just heard that his wife is seriously ill. He gets an unusually large number of customers and begins to be suspicious of his sudden good fortune.