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Best Performance by an Actor

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New Zealand


Tony Barry



Through his outstanding four-decade career, Tony Barry has appeared in more than 46 feature films, most recently Baz Luhrmann’s Australia.

Others include Mullet, Ned and Lennie Cahill Shoots Through and We of the Never Never. Tony Barry has appeared in many New Zealand feature films, including Beyond Reasonable Doubt, The Last Tattoo and Never Say Die and he is well known to New Zealand audiences for his lead role as John in Goodbye Pork Pie directed by Geoff Murphy. He was nominated for an Australian Logie Award for his role in the hugely successful Australian TV mini-series I Can Jump Puddles and received a Penguin Award for his role in Scales of Justice.

His extensive television work includes Australia programs All Saints, False Witness, Water Rats and Wildside, and he also has a successful career in theatre. He has recently finished shooting the upcoming New Zealand detective comedy, Rest for the Wicked.

2010 APSA Nominee – Tony Barry – Trailer