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Best Screenplay

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People’s Republic of China


Ren Jiangzhou


Geng Hu, Quan Yingchun, Chu Xun, Chen Junmei, Shen Qiyong


Xin Yukun


Xin Yukun, Feng Yuanliang


He Shan

The Coffin in the Mountain

Xin Yukun, a graduate in cinematography from the Beijing Film Academy, worked on the screenplay for The Coffin in the Mountain, his debut feature film as writer/director, for three years. As director he won the Akai Award for Best New Director at the 71st Venice Film Festival and was nominated for the 2014 Golden Horse Award for Best New Director.

Yuanliang Feng is a Chinese screenwriter. Born in Jinan, China, he is a film graduate of the Shandong College of Art.

The Coffin in the Mountain won the Grand Prix at the 2014 Warsaw Film Festival, Best Film at the Xining First Film Festival and was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 2014 Golden Horse Awards.