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Best Performance by an Actress

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People’s Republic of China (Mainland China / Hong Kong)


Xu Fan

Xu Fan has been a popular actress since her first movie role playing opposite Ge You in Xia Gang’s After Separation, written by Feng Xiaogang, who would later become her husband.

In 1995 she acted opposite Feng in Father and since then, she has been Feng’s regular muse, starring in his string of much-loved box office hits – The Dream FactoryBe There or Be Square, Sorry, Babyand the hard-hitting drama with Sigh, which secured her a best actress award at the Cairo International Film Festival.

She has worked with many other directors, appearing in Zhang Yang’s omnibus Spicy Love Soup, Zhang Jianya’s disaster movie Crash Landing and Chen Daming’s ensemble comedy One Foot off the Ground. Aftershock is her first collaboration with Feng since A World Without Thieves in 2005.

2010 APSA Nominee – Aftershock – Trailer