The Asia Pacific Screen Academy was established in 2008 to encourage dialogue and collaboration for the region’s filmmakers. The Academy also strives to further nurture the talents from the region.

Comprised of all APSA Nominees, Winners, Juries and Nominations Council Members, the Academy now numbers over 1000 of the region’s most elite film experts and practitioners.

Australian screen legend, Dr Jack Thompson AM is President of the Academy.

In 2011, the European Film Academy (EFA) formed an academy alliance with the Asia Pacific Screen Academy acknowledging the similar multicultural aims and outcomes of both organisations. An EFA Academy member sits on the APSA International Jury each year in recognition of this coalition.

APSA Academy, in partnership with Motion Picture Association (MPA), 4 Boys Films, Griffith Film School and NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asia Pacific Cinema), offers funding opportunities for the filmmakers of the region. The Academy also partners on the Asia Pacific Screen Lab to provide emerging Asia Pacific filmmakers with mentoring opportunities chosen from the APSA Academy.

Entering the APSA Competition

APSA Academy Members are encouraged and entitled to send details of their production or screen achievement to APSA for consideration. Click here to find out more or contact apsa@brisbanemarketing.com.au