Each year, the Asia Pacific Screen Awards invites countries from the region to submit their best films for competition. The selection and submission of these films is facilitated by an APSA Member Organisation in each country of the Asia Pacific region. This may be a single organisation or a committee comprised of two or more organisations.

Organisations are selected based on mutual aims and representation of the interests of their national film industry. FIAPF-the International Federation of Film Producers Associations endorses the APSA Member Organisations each year.

Below is a list of the participating Official Member Organisations for the 10th Asia pacific Screen Awards 2016. Please note, new organisations may be added to the list as their participation is confirmed. Each organisation is eligible to submit a limited number of entries annually and selection and submission timelines may vary between organisations.


* Denotes a FIAPF Member Organisation
** Denotes a FIAPF Accredited Film Festival


APSA engages with film organisations and individuals that are recognised for their specialised knowledge and importance in promoting films. As Consulting Organisations and Individuals, they provide valuable advice and assistance to APSA in many key activities such as film submissions and communicating with filmmakers from their respective countries.

APSA would like to thank and acknowledge the following for their contribution to the 10TH Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2016:

    • Lebanon

Consulting Asia Pacific Screen Academy Member – Jocelyne Saab