The APSA Nominations Council is comprised of international film industry experts drawn from high profile academic institutions, film festivals and film organisations across Asia Pacific.

The Nominations Council determined the nominees for the six feature film categories of Best Feature Film, Achievement in Directing, Best Screenplay, Achievement in Cinematography, Best Performance by an Actress and Best Performance by an Actor.

The members of the 2014 International Nominations Council are:

  • Professor Hong-Joon Kim (Republic of Korea), chairman of the International Nominations Council. A published author, award-winning director and screenwriter, Professor Kim is also a former Commissioner of the Korean Film Council and is a Film Professor at the Korean National University of Arts.
  • Meenakshi Shedde (India), an independent film curator, film festival consultant, film critic, film director and journalist who is the India Consultant to the Berlin and Dubai Film Festivals;
  • Anne Demy-Geroe (Australia), co-Artistic Director of the Iranian Film Festival Australia, a NETPAC board member, teaches Asia Pacific cinema at Griffith Film School and is currently a doctoral candidate on Iranian Cinema;
  • Mohammad Atebbai (Islamic Republic of Iran), Managing Director, Iranian Independents;
  • Wang Qun (People’s Republic of China), an award-winning screenwriter in film and television and researcher at the China Film Art Research Centre, China Film Archive;
  • Philip Cheah (Singapore), film critic, Vice-President of NETPAC and program consultant for the Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival, South-east Asian Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival and the Asia Pacific Films website; and
  • Director of the APSA Awards Competition Maxine Williamson (Australia).