‘Nominated’ logos have been specially created for each nominee in each category of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

The ‘Nominated’ logo should always be obtained from original, digital artwork and must not be recreated, rearranged or redrawn.

Ample clear space should be given to the logo whenever it is used. The minimum clear space requirement for each logo is calculated on ‘x’ which is equivalent to the CAP height of the word ‘AWARDS’ in each logo.

The diagram below indicates how much minimum clear space should be allowed around each logo.

Be generous with space around the logo to ensure optimal clarity and impact.

The ‘Nominee’ logo should not be reproduced at a size smaller than 10mm in height.

The ‘Nominee’ logo artwork is available in single colour—tonal, single colour—solid, in both positive and reverse version.

The tonal version is the preferred version for use in most applications on a white, silver or black background while the single colour version should be used on imagery or busy backgrounds.